History & Current Profile

Since 1997, GGTI has provided safety, engineering, and policy support the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). GGTI Headquarters is located in New Jersey in close proximity to the William J. Hughes Technical Center (WJHTC), where GGTI supports the FAA Air Traffic Organization (ATO) Office of Independent Safety Assessment (ISA). Much of GGTI’s hands-on operational testing work is performed in support of the Office of ISA.

GGTI has additional office space in Alexandria, VA, in close proximity to the FAA’s Headquarters in Washington D.C., which provides support for the FAA ATO’s Safety Management System (SMS) Office and Performance and Analytics Team. In supporting the SMS Office, GGTI develops policy and reviews technical safety documentation associated with Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen) acquisition systems. For the Performance and Analytics Team, GGTI fills software development and data science roles.

Since 2016, GGTI has additionally been supporting private sector customers in conducting quantitative analyses, business process development, and software development.

Business Classification, Vehicles, and Customers

GGTI has been certified by the SBA as an 8(a) Business Development Program participant. Read more about the 8(a) Program and how it makes doing business with GGTI easy here


GGTI is proud to hold a Master Ordering Agreement (MOA) for FAA’s eFAST small business vehicle through 2019. Under eFAST, GGTI is qualified to do business in the following functional areas:

  • Engineering Services (ES)
  • Air Transportation Services (ATS)
  • Business Administration Management (BAM)
  • Computer Systems Development (CSD)
  • Computer Systems Support (CSS)
  • Documentation and Training (DT)

GGTI has been providing support to the FAA for over 16 years. Currently, GGTI holds two FAA subcontracting agreements, one supporting the FAA’s Independent Safety Assessment Team and the other supporting the FAA’s Safety Management System policy group. 


GGTI provides statistical analysis services, business process engineering, and software development services to Inmarsat plc. 


GGTI has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. We are proud of how we serve our customers and recognize the importance of these relationships to the business’s success.


Meet the Team

Meet our professionally diverse and talented team below.

Luis C. Guzman, Jr.
Senior Systems Engineer

Frank Ancona
Airline Pilot Subject Matter Expert

Marlowe Barnes
Technical Operations Subject Matter Expert

Charlotte Boyd
Air Traffic Control Subject Matter Expert

Ayana Cox
Office Administrative Specialist

Brian Dougherty
Senior Systems Analyst

Duane Dupon
Air Traffic Control Subject Matter Expert

Alan Feinberg
Technical Project Manager

Jason Gao
Senior Software Developer

Rian Kistner
Systems Safety Engineer

Chris Y. Li
Senior Data Scientist

Stacia Odenwald
Lead Technical Writer/Editor

Rick Palandro
Technical Operations Subject Matter Expert

Bryant E. Penn
Program Analyst
Team Lead

Robert Polillo
Senior Program Analyst

Stephen Roberts
Senior Software Engineer

Diana Safi
Human Resources
Alexandria Office Administrator

Barry Silverman
Senior Scientist

Thomas Stackhouse
Junior Program Analyst

Catherine Swanson
Program Analyst

Paul Tom
Senior Systems Engineer

Ozzy Valdivieso
Senior Systems Engineer

Daniel Watkins
Airline Pilot Subject Matter Expert

Joshua Williams
Program Analyst

Lauren Withington
Program Analyst